Pull-Up Card 3

What Is a Pull-Up Card?

A Pull-Up Card consists of three main parts:
  1. A custom-designed pocket.
  2. A slider where the message and sentiment are written.
  3. Five interlocking characters.
Each character has the face of the subject of the card. For example, if a Pull-Up Card was created for a granddaughter, her face would appear on each character. The five characters then emerge from the card as the top character is pulled up.

How Is a Pull-Up Card Made?

To create the characters on each Pull-Up Card, we need:
  • A high-quality photo with a clear, front view of the subject’s face.
  • The occasion.
  • The subject’s name.
  • Five different activities, experiences, or aspects of the subject’s life.
  • The slider contains the message that is usually found on the inside of a standard greeting card. You may tell us what message to put on the slider or you can ask us to create the message.
Note: Please refer to the FAQ concerning photo specifications and other questions about planning your card.